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Should I have given her a compliment or not?

Here's the situation:

While at a restaurant with my wife, I happened to notice an attractive young woman in her mid 20's (I'm late 30's) who was a hostess. Normally, I would have just noticed the nice looks and not thought any more about it. But this girl had quite possibly the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They were the sort that repeatedly drew your gaze and if one were an artist, a photographer, or a poet, one would feel a need to record them in some fashion. It's a couple of months later, and I still recall them and think "wow".

Now let me clarify - I'm not lusting after this other woman - I'm happily married to my wife and certainly wouldn't want to because her any sort of grief. This issue was more along the lines of just noticing something of great beauty. Perhaps something similar to what one feels when seeing a natural wonder like the Grand Canyon or an amazing work of art like Michaelangelo's David. This one just happened to be part of a person.

So here are the questions and I'm really interested to get both male and female points of view.

1. Should I have complimented her on her eyes? Or would that have come across as creepy? (I'm clean cut, don't smell, and have decent social skills, if that matters. Though I'm certainly not Mr. Suave.)

2. Ladies, how would you feel if someone complimented you about some physical feature of yours (in the same vein, not just something crude)? What would affect how you feel about the situation? Would you care if he were married or single? Would you take it as an attempt at hitting on you?

3. Since nothing like this ever happened when I was single, I got to thinking as a Thought Experiment how I would have handled it differently. I probably would have tried to gain the courage to ask her out, but being somewhat shy, was never good at that. What would have been a good way to compliment her and possibly ask her out? This one's just for curiosity because I like to see what people say on here.

If you need more clarification, just ask. I never did compliment her and am posting here just for fun to see what different people think about the situation. Thanks for participating.
Should I have given her a compliment or not?
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