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I need some help with some feelings I am having.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 18 months and she goes through waves of sexual desire due to medications but lately I have felt even to get her to say "i love you" sometimes is a fight in a situation where it was normal like leaving for work or leaving town for a few hours for training. But what has really alarmed me is she had a series of scratch marks on her breast like she was grabbed from behind and scratched the only explain she had was that she did it to herself because she scratches in her sleep and it did line up with the hand she always scratches with. I don't know if my mind is making me over paranoid because lately I have felt like we have been disconnected while at home but out in public she acts like we are inseparable girls maybe you can shed some light I am looking for some serious advice on how to approach this or to just let it go?
I need some help with some feelings I am having.
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