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Greek-American- nice? Interested? What?!

I'm at lost right now. I'm from northeast coast, and I know nothing about the midwest and beyond. I used to work with this Greek-American from the mid west. Somehow I developed strong feelings for him. We don't work together anymore, but this guy has been the sweetest guy I've ever met. When I'm stressed out, he'll somehow cheer me up with shoulder rubs, random smiley texts/emails. Not sure if this is Greeks/mid westerns being nice or just a nice guy? Or maybe the guys I've been with are just jerks.

One random day, our former co worker told me to ask him out already. I didn't but he's asked me to hang out with his friends, and alone too but nothing has ever happened. It just seems like normal friendship. But here's the other thing, I do seem him acting fidgety when we are alone together but our convo is boring, all about future career paths,zzz. Yea, I understand we met each other at work but it seems like that's all we ever talk about.right now, I live outside of the states, but occasionally hell call just to say hi. He also lived outside of states. One thing I do know is that he has other casual relationships but has told me to not date anyone while I was dating someone(weird). He believes I'm young and should stay single. I wasn't, I was mid 20s. friends are getting married, why would I stay single? I'm 2 years older than him.

So question, why was he nice? What are his intentions? Is it career? He calls long distance for "careere advice". But I don't think I give him any good advice at all. Am I just a mentor? A friend? And why did my former co worker (female) say that? I know he told her something that made her say that.
Greek-American- nice? Interested? What?!
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