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Am I getting blown off?

I just got home from a date. It was our 5th date...but we hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks because of holiday trips and her grandmother being hospitalized.

We've already had sex (once)...however, during our date - she told me she didn't want to stay over and likes to take things slow. She said she likes me and wants to get to know me and this isn't a bad thing (that's what she said).

We met at 6:30 and hung out til 4:30 - we went to an NBA game, dinner, drinks, club, and a friend's house where a group went hot tubing. However, I feel like she wasn't all over me like I'd have wanted.

I was in a cab with her at the very end of the night and suggested she come to my place...she said she wanted to go home. So, I kissed her in the cab...a little...and that was it.

I feel less attractive to her than I was a couple of weeks ago when we had sex. Am I being insecure or is she just not that into me?
Am I getting blown off?
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