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Dating someone but still friends with others?

I have a guy "acquaintance" that I have known for years and like a lot. My interest is more than his, because I don't see him often and he doesn't always respond when I e-mail him, etc. I'm okay with this because I know he is busy and I like keeping in contact with him to see how he is doing because I genuinely care about him. He did say it was okay for me to contact him, so I don't see a conflict at all. I ask him occasionally to do things like have dinner, and he sometimes has free time to go and sometimes doesn't. Because our relationship is "acquaintance" more than friends, he doesn't talk a lot about his personal life (i.e., girlfriends, etc.). In the past I have expressed interest in getting to know him better (which he has ignored) but he does continue to get together with me and accept invitations to dinner, etc.

I am wondering two things - is it possible for a guy to only want an "acquaintance" relationship with a girl? I do ask him to do things and he does accept sometimes, so he doesn't seem to mind getting together with me - but he doesn't pursue me beyond the time we spend together either (obviously, he never said he was interested in me).

Second, is a guy not responding positively or negatively to a girl expressing interest in him saying nothing to avoid the conflict, or saying nothing to leave the door open in the future if he changes his mind? Would his having a girlfriend and not mentioning that when you told him you were interested mean anything since your relationship was only acquaintances?
Dating someone but still friends with others?
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