What am I doing wrong that Girls won't take me seriously?

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm 25 years old (Chinese 5'6) and I work as both a High School Teacher and a realtor so at times I can be quite busy but I try to get out as much as possible to meet people. I even go to the gym on attend yoga on a regular basis to keep fit. A lot of people express surprise that I don't have a girlfriend whenever they ask me about it.

I've never had a girlfriend and I've been trying hard but it seems to never go anywhere. If I do end up going out with a girl she never seems to take me seriously. I would dress up professionally (semi-casual) but they would show up in jeans or really really casual wear. They also seem to get offended if I offer to pay for the bill too or if I bought tickets to take them to see Cirque de soleli.

Then I see this article in Vancouver Mag that says that guys suck as they've become little boys now that are slobs and play video games where women have to do everything. Now I live in Alberta but I find this hard to swallow as I'm the one who always have to initiate everything. I have to send almost a dozen texts before getting any reply (Sometimes they apologize for the late reply) and I usually am the driver and pay the bill.

Yet I look around myself and I see girls dating guys where the girls would be dressed really nice but the guys would be dressed casual with a baseball cap and hurl profanities whenever they get a chance. Not all the time but generally speaking the guys are dressed very poorly. Even then I see more women paying the bill at dinner while the guys just sit there texting on their phone and even driving the car.

Is this some sort of new trend where the women want to do everything what guys normally do? I admit I play video games but it's balanced by my workouts and my jobs but I don't want to fall into that category that these successful guys have which is not part of my personality.

I mean what do I need to do to ask a girl to actually go out on a true date which she would take it seriously?
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By the way I meant for this to be in Dating which I did select. Not sure why it chosed sexuality.
What am I doing wrong that Girls won't take me seriously?
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