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How does he view me?

this guy and I dated for 8 months. he was the best boyfriend I ever had. we went through huge hurtles together, and we loved each other, but it came down to a bad point and I broke up with him. neither of us wanted to but he was just TOO irresponsible, and it was suffocating me. then a week after the break up we met up again and spent new years together. we caught up and he's been doing a lot. he's so much more responsible now and all of my friends say I'm the reason. they say he's changed for me because he's realized what he's lost but I just don't know. then we hung out again two days after and we slept together. I told him that I hope he didn't think of me differently, and that I like him a lot still, and he said the same thing and he's just trying to find a good balance on his feelings since we're not official. but now I haven't seen or heard from him in a while but today he told me he signed up for school now and he's playing a show and I should go and we're supposed to hang out on Monday. but his silence is freaking me out. maybe I'm being too demanding since he's doing so many things. but I'm scared that he thinks of me as a f*** buddy or something crude like that. I love this guy and I want to be with him again, but I don't know how he feels about me. I hope he wants to get back together, but all of my failed relationships in the past have taught me that guys don't change for a girl, and after a breakup they don't want you back, and after a breakup they lose all feelings for the other person. having a guys' perspective would be great. sorry if I sound ridiculous! :(
How does he view me?
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