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Do you guys think I was too harsh on him?

Alright, so I'm not the nicest girl ever and when I flirt I tend to be a bit bitchy. Mind you that I'm a sarcastic person by nature- and it's VERY important for me that the guy gets my sense of humor. So today, me, my friend "Nelly", and the guy I like "Aaron" were building stairs (for the set of the next production at school) and I started to "flirt" with him. Aaron and I were working on the same side of the stairs and Nelly was on the other when another guy came over and said (jokingly) "It's a good thing there's a guy working over here or those stairs would never get done." I, as usual, opened my mouth and said, "There's no guy over here- just us three girls." Once I said this, Aaron jumped in and said "Actually, it's me and one and a half girls- you're too short to count as a whole person." This continued on for the next two hours, and it never *appeared* that he was upset. After that though, Nelly came up to talk to me and she said that I might have been a little mean to him. I didn't think so, but now I'm questioning myself... do you guys think I was too harsh on him? Should I tone it down (since I DO like him) or can he handle it? And at what point does it become to much?

Thank you!
Do you guys think I was too harsh on him?
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