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Why do guys do this - its all going great then they ignore you?

He told me he liked me. He told me that although it may be too early to say, he was interested in me, as in pursuing relationship.

He told me that he really liked me, and he could see his feelings developing into something serious.

He bought me dinner and told me we could do it once a week if I liked. He also took me out drinking twice and we watched a movie together.

I had been on a date with another guy, he wasn't very angry, but told me it did hurt him a bit, so I agreed to "get to know him exclusively".

I told him I was also very into him and we said we are both very happy in each others' company.

We kissed 3 times very passionately but didn't have sex.

Then he went on a pre-booked holiday for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. The last thing he said to me was to call him if I wanted emotional support (my mum has just

been diagnosed with terminal cancer).

But I felt a bit weird crying down the phone to a guy who I've only been seeing for 3 weeks, it seemed a bit premature, so I didn't.

He hasn't been in touch with me at all.

I know he arrived back two days ago and still have heard nothing. He only lives two blocks away from me, so it's so bizarre.

Over the entire festive period, he sent me a text saying "Happy Christmas" with no kiss. I assumed it was just a generic text he'd sent to everyone but I texted back: "You too. Have a good one xx" and after that, nothing. No reply.

I've been hurt in the past and am almost willing to give up on men.

Seriously, I don't know why they do this.

I have a feeling he will probably text in a week or so, "hi hun, what are you up to?"

I will definitely ignore it if he does. This one seemed different, like he genuinely wanted me. He didn't seem like a player. I am so sad that even guys who come across as genuine can be tools.

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I don't know if I'm weird for being mad at this behavior , but I think it's standard etiquette that if you're on the verge of forming a relationship with someone, you at least text them specifically once over the festive period/don't let 2.5 weeks go by with no communication.
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I also want to add that it was him that had wanted a date with me for a long time before we went out together... I was a bit more cautious because I didn't like one of his friends.

He genuinely seemed into me, he said he was willing to wait for sex as long as it took until I was comfortable, and that he wanted me in a serious way.

I just can't for the life of me get why he hasn't replied to my last text. It's saddening and frustrating.
Why do guys do this - its all going great then they ignore you?
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