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What to do with a temperamental chef?

I've been working at this restaurant for 6 months now with this chef who's 12 years older than me. I remember thinking of him as super flirtatious- teasing me and saying things like "way to burn that, like you burnt our relationship that we never had"... I used to brush it off, thinking that he flirts this way with every girl in the restaurant.

he had a pretty serious girlfriend until August, got his heart broken but the flirting continued... and it even got physical a few times.

he works about 60 hours a week. one day he's cold, almost hostile and grumpy. and another day he's in an amazing mood, joking around and actually being nice. he's a self proclaimed a**hole. typical chef right?

one night, I went to dinner at the restaurant and he prepared this dish off the menu, on the fly for me and my parents. this kind of thing shocked me as being unusually thoughtful from him.

I gave him a book that I knew he would love and in return he gave me one of his spoons- which are a HUGE deal with chefs... second only to knives. and this is a really nice spoon.

i do frequently catch him watching me. sometimes I think it's Because I'm watching for him too. even on his bad days, I catch him looking at me, and then quickly looking them away. but he just looks so pissed.

I've been denied by a good friend of mine to not even think about dating this guy (like I have a chance). yet she thinks he's got something going on for me.

so it's been 6 ish months and nothing's happened. should I give it up or do something about it? I would love some hardcore perspective.
What to do with a temperamental chef?
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