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I mess things up with guys, but I just wanted to look pretty.

So, last Friday I think I messed up. I mess things up with guys, but I just wanted to look pretty.

So I printed off a page for this guy, and I said what do I get in return? He said I don't know, so I said well how about you hang out with me sometime soon and maybe we could make out and you take your shirt off. He seemed to agree, ha ha.

Well, when he came to pick up the paper, he wanted to hang out then and I said no because I didn't look very good. I also was going out that night and wanted to get ready earlier. But anyways, he got kind of mad. He said he's not a valley boy and he doesn't care how I look and how that's a turn off by me shutting him down because I didn't look good enough. I just didn't feel pretty with pimples showing, I tried to cover them up but didn't have enough time in the morning.

I said you could come over now, but he said no he was making supper. He just went on and on and I wanted to cry because I got rejected-again. All summer I was rejected by guys and him saying that girls who think they have to look pretty all the time are a turn off-I told him would you want me to feel comfortable or embarrassed? I wanted to look pretty for myself, so I'd feel more comfortable, not having to worry about red marks on my face.

I told him how he wouldn't skype me because he was sick or didn't feel like it and that I didn't turn it into a two hour argument. Haven't heard back. I texted him Saturday and said sorry again, no reply.

I don't know what to do, I said I was sorry. I don't want to text him again, but he really hurt me too by saying girls who want to look good are a turn off and that maybe I'm not the girl for him.

I'd still like to be friends, but I think he blew it out of proportion.
I mess things up with guys, but I just wanted to look pretty.
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