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Does it matter who makes more?

Guys, say you had a good paying job and side business, then decided to make your side business your primary business (it was always a dream to be your own boss and you couldn't manage both and a relationship at the same time) and quit your old job.

You are dating someone who is very successful in her field and makes a good salary for her age. She has already been quickly promoted and will most likely be moving up throughout her career. Your business, although making money, is not as successful as you hoped - primarily because you are not able to go out and "drum up" business in a way you need to for a start-up.

It's been a few years and things still are not progressing the way you would like them to, however, your relationship has become more serious. You are now living together, however, she makes more money than you. This could change, but for right now, she is the one that makes more, has the better place, etc.

Is that difficult, or can you seperate your career high/lows from her career highs/lows without feeling self-conscious?
Does it matter who makes more?
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