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Abusive ex who for some reason I still love?

I dated this girl for almost a year, things got rocky after a few months but we kept working at it. After my ankle surgery in April she resented me for not being able to work which is redic. Halloween when were handing out trick or treat candy she dumps me for staying friends with people she doesn't like. After 6 weeks of awkwardness and me changing I.E. taking anti depressants, finally being able to work out and pretty much making her my only priority and pissing off everyone we were back together for the holidays and it was great besides her emotional abuse. New years comes and she smacks me 8 times in the face because she didn't trust I knew where the hotel was. We get there and her and my friend start to yell at each other over nothing. I get kinda mad and defuse the situation or so I thought. My friend calls her a dumb c*nt and before I know it she starts to attack him, I try to hold her and calm her down so she won't get hurt or hurt him. She bites me 3 times once on the nose, cops come and I try to press charges but bleed all over the form. The next day her mom calls me every name in the book and its all my fault to them, we broke up but for some crazy ass reason I still care about her even though she bit my face like Hannibal. I know she is not right for me and has problems but I still care about her. Is that true love or am I love blind?
Abusive ex who for some reason I still love?
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