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How to be more open with people?

I am VERY VERY shy. I only have 2-3 people I know in school and only a few friends. I'm pretty, but quiet in all of my classes, sometimes in a few I'm mute unless there's a group activity and I have to talk. I keep telling myself to just do it and talk but when I get to the chance where I wanna say something I can't think of anything to say that'd relate to the conversation. My worst fear is to have someone just ignore what I say, at least its a fear involving social stuff.

I VERY desperately wanna open up, just let go, and finally make some friends.. but I'm SO dreadfully shy, what should I do to make progress, and quickly, because I want 2nd semester of junior year in high school to be amazing.

Please help me out.
How to be more open with people?
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