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I feel kind of lonely.

I've had many "friends" come and go which is to be expected but I just feel lonely. My last friend who I thought would always be there isn't there anymore now. Me and these people just grew apart or either we have different lifestyles so I just choose not so associate with them. I don't necessarily miss these people I guess I just miss the feeling of having a friend, someone to talk to, go out with, etc...I look at my boyfriend and he has at least 2-3 good friends who I always hear about and it makes me a little envious. When we aren't together he has them but who do I have? I'm not the clingy type and never make him feel obligated to stay around me. I have sisters who I'm close with but I just want someone non-blood related you know?

I guess I really don't have a question, kind of just venting. Feel free to comment if you want though.
I feel kind of lonely.
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