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Is she really interested?

So… I met this girl a while back got on really well admitted we liked each other well but I had a girlfriend at the time so it never really went nowhere and we lost touch for while.

Few months back she texts me out the blue and turns out she’s just split with her boyfriend. I’ve split with my girlfriend so we started talking again, she has told me she still likes/fancies me and I’ve told her the same.

We been flirting almost everyday for months now (initiated both sides) but every time I suggest a date she makes excuses (she did say she wants to be single for a while). We seen each other a couple times with mutual friends chemistry is good lots of flirting but nothing major happened. Stopped asking her out now as she knows how I feel so balls in her court.

Feels like I’m in the friendzone as she doesn’t want to commit to a 1on1 date, but she still text me all the time and is pissed off when she knows I been out with girls (even tho she admits its none of her business) so I’m confused about what she wants. Asked her if she wanted to take things further and she kinda dodged the question. Then when I mentioned I was on going on dates she started telling me she was loving the single life to then suddenly switched saying but I’m the perfect guy for her and no one has compared to me blah blah

Really not sure with this girl I know her a while hope she's not taking the piss but can’t gauge whether she’s genuinely interested and wants to be single for a while, just wants attention or wants me to chase her?

Is she really interested?
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