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What does all this mean?

Whenever we talk we joke and smile and laugh at each other. He smiles when he sees me, I don't know if or when he flirts with me and he even told me about how a girl flirted with him on the bus, and how weird it was, but we always have good conversations,

so I have his number and he either takes a while to reply or doesn't reply

he never touches me in a flirtatious way, but when we talk we hold eye contact, he asks me really obvious questions.Because or where we work I was doing prize cabinet and he was floating and he offered to put my shoes away...

does he think of me as a friend because he is always talking about himself and we hold a really good conversation. and one time I was like I will come on your blind date with you, I will bring along my friends and he was like yes that would be awesome.. (friend zoned right their)

ohkay so I work as a party host, and a guy that I am friends with was already hosting a party, he saw me waved then left his party to come and say hi and talk, later I was introducing my self to that party parents and he was getting drinks and I don't know he kept on looking at me! Then I was at my bus stop and the bus went past he was on it he waved and had a massive smile, and was blushing. it is so messed up, well for ages I've been trying to convince him to go on a blind date, with my friends and he finally said yes, and we spent ages talking about what he looks for in a girl ( and I was just standing there like oh I am all of that) but any way I was I will forward them your number and he was like I don't know my number off by heart and I was like alright just text me yours and he was like alright but I need yours, and then later when we where cleaning our table I was like oh don't let me forget to give you my number, and then he added me but he forgot to save it so he had to go and find me and we had to do it again. And then when we finished he texted me and I replied, and then I replied again and was like I think I found someone, and yeah, and I have found someone, and yeah so what do I do I like him but I don't want to be like pushy and all up in his grill, and do you think he is only doing it because he wants to do it or because he wants to do it for me and yeah, well its just really messed up and I am really confused

any opinions would be great...

And thank you for taking the time to read it...
What does all this mean?
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