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Mixed messages - what's the deal?

I've known th guy for about 2 years, we had a brief fling about one year ago then lost contact for a while. We have recently been in touch again.

One day, we were chatting as usual and all of a sudden he just says 'hey have I told you I have a girlfriend?' I was like 'no, no need to go all intense on me, just want to be friends' and he's like 'yeah I felt guilty, not sure why'. We lose contact and about 2 weeks later he messages me saying 'sorry if I was rude the last time we spoke'. And we were cool again.

One night he was kind of wasted and was telling me that the reason why he stopped talking to everyone was because of his ex and he got hurt so many times, biggest mistake of his life and he is trying to get his life back and that he missed hanging out with me... blah blah blah.

He does so many things that someone who was interested would do - asks me to hang out with him/his friends, go shopping, came to visit me at work. Initiated texting me almost every day, says cute things etc etc.

Then all of a sudden these past couple of days he has stopped messaging me first and when I do, he is not his usual friendly self towards me and yesterday says 'I'm about to go training, I'll message you later' and he never did. Chances are he will message me tonight and pretent like everything is cool again.

I like him but I would be more than happy just to have his friendship. It's so frustrating because I feel like an idiot when I am so nice to him and he treats me like this.

I want to know why he behaves like this? What is it that he wants?
Mixed messages - what's the deal?
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