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Is he interested or no?

Here's the situation. I met this guy at a party--we exchanged numbers, did some casual flirting, no big deal. New Years Eve party--he asks me to make out, and I sort of side-stepped his request. I texted him the next night, drunk, apologized and asked for a rain check; he said yes. Last Friday I drunk texted him again; we made small talk and he asked about the rain check--he wanted to that night but I asked if he'd be at a certain party tomorrow night; he said yes and I told him I'd see him there. Saturday night: we hardly talked. We texted a little. Later that night we were sitting nearby; he got up and told me to follow him. We went downstairs to the basement, where he proceeded to slow dance with me. Naturally, we started to make out...hardcore and for a long time, and we had amazing chemistry. We stopped when people came downstairs; my sister told me she was taking my drunk butt home. He texted asking where I was going; I told him I was hot for him but asked for another rain check; we texted a little, and that was it. The next morning I woke up and looked at his Facebook, only to discover that he's not only physically masculine, but he's incredibly intelligent, a Democrat, non-theistic, and well-rounded. I am very much the same way--intelligent, a Democrat, non-theistic, strong-minded, and I'm also rather feminine--so I thought there might be a chance he'd be interested as well (there are very few like-minded individuals on our college campus, so it's rare to find someone with these qualities). It hit me hard and fast that I had started to like him at that point--a lot. Monday (yesterday night) we both went to two college on-campus student organization meetings; and he and I were looking at each other all night, mostly trying to avoid eye contact, but also hold each others' gazes slightly a few times. At one point, he gave me an eyebrow raise and looked right at me; at another point, he was talking to a group, and where he should have been turned around, his body was angled almost directly toward me. I left the meeting, texted him "Hi ;)", and he texted me this: "Hey, So abbie, I think you're cool and a neat person and everything, but what happened the other night was more a result of me being the drunk manwhore that I am than anything else, and I don't want you to get the wrong idea =/ Does that make sense?" to which I said, "I appreciate your honesty. I just want to be clear--does that mean you're not interested?" He said, "No =/" and I said, simply, "Okay". Did he mean, no, he isn't interested? or no, that it doesn't mean he's not interested? And with hardly ANY interaction, how could he have perceived I like him? Last, if he was sexually attracted to me AND we're like-minded, why wouldn't he consider getting to know me? I plan on pretending like nothing ever happened between us and treating him no different than anyone else from now on. If I do this, is there a chance he could begin to be interested in me sometime in the future?
Is he interested or no?
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