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Why can I not be myself around ONE GIRL?

I'm generally a pretty flirty person. I love to talk to everyone, and find flirting with girls to be super fun.

Over the past month, I've been texting this girl nearly non-stop. We text each other to wake up, text each other to go to bed at night, and every time in between.

We've talked about our relationship: We are both into each other.

My problem doesn't even make sense to me. I KNOW she's into me, but I SUCK at talking to her. I text the same way I talk. The same flirty, cocky, but cute way. However in person I CANNOT talk to her like this.

It's understandable if I'm just different over text than in real life, but it normally comes naturally to me to talk to people. I don't understand why one girl can make it so difficult to be myself.

What's something I can do to become more comfortable around her? Why is there a total disconnect between her and most other girls? Seeing as I KNOW she's into me, I would expect things to be easier, but they're harder instead.

Any insight or advice on being myself around her would be greatly appreciated.
Why can I not be myself around ONE GIRL?
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