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My friend's friend, who I think is great, thinks I’m crazy…What should I do?

Pardon the length.

One of my close friends lives a ways away. When we get together, we tell each other about every little thing in our lives, since we are girls and we only meet once/twice a year.

This past summer, she was struggling with this guy. He’s younger than she is, and she’s known his older brother since kindergarten and thus has known this guy forever. Only the last few months of school did she befriend him personally, and despite all her best attempts at restraint she fell for him. Hard. They were able to talk through it and she decided to get over him, but since it still hurt tons I let her tell me every single detail of who this guy is and what makes him so absolutely fantastic.

That’s fine. I like listening to those kinds of things. The thing is, I’ve gone to visit her in her hometown since, and on more than one occasion I’ve actually met this guy in person. He and she are close friends, and she currently likes someone else. However. When I met him, I realized that I had absolutely nothing I could talk to him about. I could have literally given you a timeline of his entire life’s drama way before I’d ever seen his face or even a picture of what he looks like. It would be more than creepy for me, some random girl he just met, to know anything more than his name and that he’s my friend’s friend, etc. etc.

On top of all this, I am an awkward person who gives off one of two ridiculously misleading impressions: I am either super giggly and make weird, disconnected comments about random things, or serious, stoic, intense, and incredibly calculating. Neither of these are accurate, by the way, and people who get to know me know this. The first time I met him, I gave off the first, and he looked at me a little funny because, admittedly, I was acting pretty funky to cover up my lack of things to say. Sadly, he accepted this as “me”, and somehow we got along pretty well.

Thus, when he met me for the second time and I was serious, stoic, intense, and incredibly calculating - also to hide my retained lack of things to say - he was a bit lost. I could tell he was trying to figure me out, and I guarantee that he didn’t. Since then, I’ve seen him in passing a couple more times at my friend’s school events, and he is always friendly, but always gives me this look…

What I’m asking is:

1) How on earth do I fix his impression of me when I only see him on brief occasions?

2) What on earth do I talk to him about? Without sounding creepy, namely.

3) Is it possible I'm actually falling for someone who I’ve never talked to properly and who thinks I’m completely insane? What’s wrong with me? (Actually, don't answer that - I'll write a new question for it.)

Thanks for bearing with me!
My friend's friend, who I think is great, thinks I’m crazy…What should I do?
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