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What happened? Mixed signals?

So I posted here a month or two ago asking if this guy liked me or just wanted to be friends. He would text me all day, sometimes for around 4 days at a time. He sat by me in class, offered to help me with classwork, and once he playfully threw a tiny piece of paper at me from across the room and looked away and smiled (which was pretty cute lol). I told some people that I liked him and they ended up bringing it up with him, and he confronted me about it and asked if I liked him. I told him I did, but I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want things to get awkward if he didn't like me back. He just told me that he's really good at not making things awkward, and then we just had a normal conversation afterward.

But then everything stopped. He doesn't text me as much anymore, sometimes we go for a week without talking and whenever I initiate it, the conversation is over in like an hour. He doesn't even talk to me in class anymore.

What's going on with him? I'm not doing anything differently and I'm treating him as a friend, so I really don't understand why he suddenly went cold on me.
What happened? Mixed signals?
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