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This was SUCH an embarrassing date, did he get scared away?

I've been dating someone for 5 months, I'm head over heels for him. He always calls and texts, he has romanced me and we have gotten closer by the day. A couple weeks ago we went to this carnival. He smokes marijuana from time to time and eats edibles. Well on the way there, he gave me a small piece of an edible brownie (the size of a quarter). I have never consumed marijuana before and he is aware of this. I assumed I would not be affected but I was as soon as I got on a few rides. It caused me to laugh a lot and feel VERY fatigued I felt drunk. I'm not even sure if I was speaking correctly or whether or not I made any sense at times. We were having a blast but when we got in line for our last ride, I got dizzy and fainted! When I woke up I felt extremely weird like something was gonna happen as he was walking me out of the line. He called for help and another thing to take note of is I have always been unsure as to where our relationship was headed, he has previously addressed me as his friend. For the last 2 months we got very close and "acted" like a couple. However one of the park employees asked if he was my boyfriend, and he said yes, which somewhat surprised me. I was taken to the on site emergency room and after laying down for awhile and drinking water I was fine. I was SO embarrassed and I cried after it happened because I was so scared and freaked out. I even thought I wet myself but turned out I didn't. After I calmed down I admitted to him I get anxiety sometimes so I was afraid to just leave so quickly but it was not a big deal but just needed to rest for a few. I paced back and forth for a bit to make sure I could walk straight as opposed to before. He seemed like he was being very gracious and caring, he watched me the whole time but I'm not sure if it was out of concern, being freaked out or viewing me as a nuisance. On the way home, I fell asleep and he was holding my hand as he drove. He texted me the next day to make sure I was OK. This date was so embarrassing I refrained from contacting him for one day after that. He then reached out to me via text once but right after that, he began acting completely different. He stopped calling as much, he'd say he'd call back and wouldn't then would text me with an excuse the next day. And when he would call back he would be out with friends so it would be short. He texted me yesterday and I finally talked to him last night (because I had to call him) but it was just silent and awkward on the phone so I told him I had to go. I'm SO sad over this, do you suppose this incident scared him away? And he is 28.
This was SUCH an embarrassing date, did he get scared away?
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