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Should girls approach guys that they are interested in?

I'm shy and nowadays guys don't talk to me unless I initiate talking first.I don't know how to approach guys or what to talk about.Asking for the time doesn't always work.

Guys make it look easy and obvious by asking straight up for my name and number or sign.I wouldn't want to make it that obvious because its too aggressive and probably more likely to get shot down.

If you have a good conversation with a guy you just met and want to be friends would it be weird to ask for his number since he didn't ask mine?I usually just say bye it was nice talking to you.

So nowadays guys seem intimidated to hit on me.All I get is eye contact or stares but I use to just have guys asking for my number without even saying hi or anything.Their pick up line was just can I get your number'..If a guy does hit on me it won't be upfront as it was before but more respectful and less obvious..Its funny because I wanted that but now I don't like that I can't tell straight up and my type of guys still don't ever talk to me unless I say thing but at least now my type looks at me and doesn't seem to act like I don't exist.

I also wonder if the relationship last longer,if they do become a couple.
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Should girls approach guys that they are interested in?
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