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How much can I read into the fact my crush's best friend supports us dating?

Trying to put a long story short I still have feelings for this girl Katie. Before she left overseas in March we'd kissed and had a drunken night out where things had started to get far more physical before she stopped, not wanting to hurt me. She knew she would be gone for months, didn't want me to get attached because she wasn't going to be starting a relationship then and our mutual friend Sarah (her best friend actually) had told her if she hurts me she's going to be pissed, I'm one of the only nice guys she knows.

So we cut things off for a bit, she left on her trip, and we stayed in touch. We talked about once or twice a week while she was gone. I dated someone else while she was gone for a while, but I kept in touch with katie even then, and things never ended up working out with the other girl. I really wasn't sure what to expect when she came back.

But in the first week back katie invited me out skating with her today. I couldn't go, but instead ran into her and Sarah at the gym. We talked about a bunch of things for what turned out to be an hour. Finally I finished my run, got home, realized I'd never worked out when I was going to get food with Sarah, and in talking to Sarah she commented how glad she was Katie was back. I agreed, said I wasn't going to drink shot for shot with her again anytime soon though given how I blacked out part of the night last time. She laughed and told me she supports Katie and I. I didn't know what to say other than 'thanks, it's appreciated but I don't know if that's really going to happen', to which Sarah just said 'eh you never know'

How much should I read into this seemingly casual comment? I really would love to date this girl, I just have no idea if I got friend zoned or something while she was gone...
How much can I read into the fact my crush's best friend supports us dating?
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