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He was interested now it seems like he's not?

For our first date he initiated everything.. He even reminded me about it. Most of the time when he would text me he was very straight forward and even now it's worse. After our first date I texted him thank you and he replied back no problem text me if you want to do it again.. So I did and he picked a date but then he ended up canceling because he got sick and asked if we could it another time which we haven't scheduled.. I texted him yesterday..

Me: Ben! How are you? How's school:)

Him: Hey Annette. I'm good, thank you. School is kinda hard though even now. How are u?

Me: I'm good:) school starts for me on mon.. What classes are you taking?

Him: Physics, biochem, Chem bio, and a lab :/ you?
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What should I do about this?
He was interested now it seems like he's not?
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