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Does she still have feelings for me?

We broke up over the distance. It was hard and I tried moving on. I've dated 4 women since we broke up but none of them was as special to me as her. In October I called her to tell her I'd move to be with her and she was seeing someone. Now she emailed me and asked how I was doing. We talked on the phone for 2 hours on Sunday and it was a lot like it used to be. She told me she's still seeing the same guy but that its off and on and that she has a lot of problems with him and knows they won't ever have a real commitment. She asked if I hated her and I told her I didn't but didn't tell her I still loved her. She asked about my life and was glad things were going well for me. She asked if we could stay in touch, I know she isn't friends with exes as a rule so I find this behavior odd. Does She still have feelings for me? I want her back. What should I do?
Does she still have feelings for me?
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