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There has to be a reason?

There has to be a reason as to why I feel like this.. I can't take it anymore... I really cant, its been 3 years, and I can't stop thinking about her. There has to be a reason why. She left me 3 years ago.. I've never had this problem with any other girl before her. Why do I constantly think of my ex? I miss her so much, its so f***in pathetic, she cheated on me and left, why do I miss some1 that did so much wrong to me... I wanna text/call her but I already know she won't answer.. So why does god keep making me think of her? there has to be a reason.. there is no way that I feel like this, and she doesn't.. there is no way that I think of her everyday and she doesn't think of me.. This is honestly the gayest sh*t to ever happen to me.. I'm tired of hiding my hurt, I'm tired of thinking of her, I'm tired of wanting her to come back, I'm tired of waking of thinking of her.. I'm tired of having dreams about her, I'm tired of everything.. I'm tired of exhausting myself of this situation... I f'***ing hate it! Sometimes I feel like killing myself just to stop my brain because I can't take it..

And some1 tell me what this means. Last night I had a dream, and I was walking up a path, I've never been to this path, but it seemed like I was there before and I knew the area. Then at the top of the path there she was ( my ex) with all our old circle of friends. As I walked closer to her I could see in her eyes that she was hurt. I tried to talk to her, but our circle of friends stopped me.. They like covered her, like she was behind a wall or something... I tried to get to her, but they wouldn't let me pass.. So I just turned around and walked away crying.. then I woke up.. I have dreams like this all the f***ing time! Some1 tell me wtf is wrong with me!

There has to be a reason why I'm like this.. There is no way that I'm like this and she isnt... some1 help me out...
There has to be a reason?
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