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Why do guys fall in love, propose, and then date other women?

I met a man in his late 40's on an online dating service 3.5 years ago, but we lived in separate states and have just kept in touch via email in a friendly way until 5 months ago. We finally spoke on the phone after 3.5 years and immediately hit it off and have talked every day 5-6 times each for the last 5 months. After daily conversations about our lives, children, hobbies, moral values, etc. we fell in love over the phone and decided to meet. He flew me out to his hometown and it was everything we both dreamed. I have flown out to spend time with him 5 times over the last 4 months and we have fallen more and more in love. I just returned from a trip out there where he proposed and we decided to get married in the Fall and I would move out there. I noticed that out of nowhere he became distant the last 2 days I was there and has only called me once since I returned, but has text me to say that he will be the happiest man on earth when we are married and together, he misses me so much it hurts, etc. Yet, 3 days ago I get an email notification from the website we met on stating that he has updated his profile? I go onto the site and he has done so but taken his picture off and changed the info a little? and it shows that the last time he was on there was 3 days ago? I ask him about it and he denies it completely and now I haven't heard from him in 3 days? I need a man's opinion on this one, please because I am numb right now...
Why do guys fall in love, propose, and then date other women?
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