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Did he lose interest because he doesn't see me?

I worked with this guy for a year and he tried flirting with me a few times but I had a boyfriend so I didn't pay too much attention. I ended up leaving the area. He messaged me on Facebook a month after I left, we started talking and it went really well. Me and my boyfriend had broken up. He gave me his number to text him. We were texting a lot for a week or so, it was fun, flirted and got to know each other better. But it slowly started to fade. I was starting to be the one initiating. The last time I text him he didn't respond so I Haven't tried again in over a week. He told me once before that he always noticed me...did he lose interest because of the 3 hour distance between us? And if I moved back to where he lives ( for a job, not for him lol ) is it possible he will be interested again? I never told him, but I really like him.
Did he lose interest because he doesn't see me?
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