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What should I do with this guy?

We have never talked. At first semester, he'd look at me all the time and I would look back, and he never came to talk to me, so it was just like eye-tag for a long time. Now it's second semester and he does not even acknowledge me any more. I will look at him, because I want to smile, wave, say hi, or do anything, but he will avoid eye conact with me or even looking at me at all, even though before break he was always checking me out.

Details: -I do hang out with a guy friend in the class I have in with this guy, and I talk to my friend. Maybe my crush thinks I like my friend, I'm not sure?

-We never spoke.

-he's outgoing. Maybe he's shy with girls, but his personality is overall outgoing.

So I was wondering should I go up to him next time I see him alone and talk to him? I don't want to embarass myself because he just randomly lost all interest.. Should I tell him I'm interested and wanna hang out sometime? Please give me any advice, I'm not sure if I should go talk to him or jst forget it.
What should I do with this guy?
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