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How do I get out of an awkward situation with a guy?

I kind of have a lot of awkward moments with guys. I'm not that confident to talk to them and I find the really cute guys intimidating. One guy I accidently kept looking at kept catching me looking at him but we never talk and he never smiles at me. I'm a bit worried he thinks I'm weird or something. I found out he has a girl friend and I felt a bit bad for checking him out. I hope he doesn't think anything of it. I want to make it less awkward and just be have a nice friendly chat but I'm starting to think he's purposely ignoring me and avoiding me but he does look at me sometimes. He's really hard to read and the fact he's so mysterious attracted me more :/. Should I just try and start a conversation or just leave it... Another guy in my class seems to really dislike me. At first he was OK with me. I didn't talk a lot to him, just the general hi, how are you. He's a total opposite to me, very loud! Recently, every time he sees me and I forget to say hi or he doesn't give me the chance o say hi, he quickly gets angry and startsmumbling things :(. I can't see what I've done wrong though and he gets me more nervous so I've started ignoring him now incase I get him ore angry.. for no reason. We don't even talk, don't have his number, don't have him on fb. Could he judge me that bad? Should I ask him what's up? Or should I just be extra nice or should I just ignore him too? I find myself ignoring most guys simply because they make every situation awkward... and so do I.

How do I get out of an awkward situation with a guy?
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