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Difficult to make real friends at a certain age?

Difficult to make real friends at a certain age? If you are 28, you are F*ed aren't you? I feel my whole university and working life so far has been for nothing. I have good qualifications and a kick ass govt job.

But I do not have friends. I was never able to click with people. Everyone else has friends and social events, and even though I did participate in school, I REMAINEd the only one WHO is NEVER EVER asked out by ANYONE over the weekend.

It is always me asking people to do stuff.

I feel so pathetic.

And I am now 28. It is too late for me to find friends right?

At 28, we should all have our OWN established network of REAL friends, other networks are just for political purposes and for show...

I have a lot of fake-friends. But no real friends who ask me out or who show an interest. And in fact I have NO ONE I can really speak to about how I am feeling.

If I spoke to my "friends" or acquaintances about this, they will just assume I am a nervous wreck and a freak or weirdo... possibly not far from some terrorist-freak.

So at this point, I am damned if I do and damned if I don't.

It's too late for me.

Anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me who is in this situation and contemplating pulling the pin off a grenade?

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How is this relevant to GAG? Well.. women only want guys who have friends and not the otherway round since that is "weird right?" So it is relevant. I'm messed up on this friend level, and I'll be messed up on the romance department.

Please don't delete this question. I've not used profanities.
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Why isn't it too late? Or why isn't it?
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Thanks for the everyone who chose B, but I know B is the politically correct answer. Thanks for the one who chose C, because I think that is the best alternative.

Oh this is so cliche but I cannot think of a better alternative. So here is it is. Goodbye Cruel World (even my ending line is f***ed). GAG f***ers! You can delete this now. I'm checking out.
Difficult to make real friends at a certain age?
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