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I want my ex back, what do I do?

Long story short, we were together for 2 years and very much in love. We lost our spark towards the end and things got hard. He ended it and wanted to remain friends. He has a ton of stuff going on his life, I think he was just looking for some sort of quick fix to his depression. He has since gotten a new girlfriend that he thinks he is in love with, its only been a month. We have been broken up for a a month and two weeks. He thinks I'm seeing someone and I sort of am but it's casual. When we talk, he always puts down the guy I'm seeing in a "joking" way but I know it means he is jealous. He says he is really proud of himself because he doesn't get jealous with the new girl he is with. I know that means he doesn't feel as strongly about her as he did for me. I don't want him back right now, but I do eventually. When I was with him, I realized he wasn't emotionally mature enough for the seriousness of our relationship. I felt like he needed to date around first and see what it takes to make a relationship work. Now he is doing that. I just want to know what every one thinks. Every person I know thinks he will come back. Do guys come back after ending things? And what role should I play in it? Right now, we are quasi-friends.
I want my ex back, what do I do?
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