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A guy I like keeps ignoring me?

what do you call a gentleman that has allot of girl-as-friends, and is your friend at one point and not at another point?

I have this really good guy friend that I kind of have a crush on. We laugh all the time around each other. I have the best time with him. But then all of a sudden one day he just stops talking to me, out of no where! This last for about 3-4days until he starts talking to me again. and it drives me NUTS! every time this happens I think so badly of my self and get really depressed.

my friend thought maybe its because he likes me. but he talks to allot of girls the way he talks to me. I don't know if they are just his friends or what. but you have no idea.

i did think of the option that he's gay, but he doesn't seem like it. The reason why allot girls enjoy talking to him is because he is so sweet and nice and funny. You can't find a guy like that often.

i'm confused. please help.
A guy I like keeps ignoring me?
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