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Cannot keep a conversation interesting?

It is holding me back. I consider myself quiet and I am very reserved with new people and girls. To open up and be relaxed and to crack jokes I need to be with old friends, people who I do not need to worry about rejection with.

I have very little confidence in my ability to sustain a conversation without awkward pauses. Also if I'm with a new girl and trying to have a convo I'll be nervous and restrained, I won't be relaxed and I won't be able to be witty or make good jokes.

Because of all this I never approach girls, especially ones who I am interested in because I know that I will most likely be boring, awkward and weird.

I want to get over this but I don't know how. One on one conversations have always been awkward for me, even with current friends unless they are very talkative, so I'm not sure that I can practice without making a fool out of myself.
Cannot keep a conversation interesting?
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