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Should I ask him out?

I want to ask out the guy I like and need as much input as possible, please. I have never spoken to him. But all throughout first semester we played eye-tag and it was really nice, being looked at by him. But we never spoke. He's in one of my classes.

So now he's ignoring me, ever since I'm back at school for second semester.

And sometime before Choir class, I see I'm alone in the halls before class since we're both late, and he's by his locker. I was thinking of just risking it and going up to him and saying "Hi, your name is ___, right?' And then proceeding to saying I've noticed we've never talked even though he's in one of my classes, then ask him about when he moved to where I live, etc..

And I was wondering if I should talk to him for a few minutes, then say, "I've noticed you, and maybe I'm just embarrassing myself right now, but dyou maybe want to hang out sometime?'

Some people say to go up to him and just talk to him a few times before actually asking him out, but I'm not sure if I can work up the nerve to go up to him more than once, or even find him alone. Also, he's ignoring me lately, almost intentionally, like he'll notice me in the halls and will avoid eye contact and will glance around instead of looking at me--- for some reason. I have NO rumors going around about me in school, I'm just shy.

Anyway, should I go up to him and ask him out? I have a crush on him now and I'm not sure if I should? Since he doesn't look at me like he used to, at least he didn't this week.

Please, I need to know what to do about it.

Should I ask him out?
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