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Where and how to ask out a girl?

Alright, I was always behind the curve when it came to dating. Most guys seem to start wanting to do that in middle school. I didn't care about until about mid high school. I saw the drama my friends were going through, and it all seemed like a nuisance. I'd have short bouts of loneliness, though. That leads me to be 21 now, and have no experience with it.

Guys, I want to know where (other than bars or clubs preferably) I can approach girls, and maybe examples on how to start it off based on those places. I'm kind of upbeat and little excited about this, so I'm thinking there's a good chance that I'll actually employ any advice that you give me.

Girls, what are some ways that guys have approached you that you were receptive to? This is all new to me, and I will be pretty nervous. How much will that affect my success with you and girls in general?
Where and how to ask out a girl?
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