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Can you interpret these mixed signals?

Hi guys & girls,

my crush gives me some mixed signals please tell me what do you think :

1- looks at me a lot when I am not looking of course

2- when I am not around he looks for me ( my friends told me that )

3- as soon as I enter the room he quickly notices me and turn around and see if its me who enter .

4- as soon as he hear my voice quickly turns around

5- follows me sometimes not obvious but when I see him he runs away.

6- when he sees me coming his way , he act busy or in a hurry and act like he is speaking on his cell phone .

7- sometimes ignore me and avoid me and sometimes he is all over me.

8- when I take a few days off like a week or so when I shows up he is all smiling and glancing at me , he seems very happy to see me .

so what do you think , does he like me or am I imagining things

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meaning by *following me : is that he keeps showing up in places I go to daily

and by the way we don't know each other
Can you interpret these mixed signals?
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