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Sooo confused...should we get together?

I'm friends with this guy he knows I like him because I told him a couple of months back. He told me that he wanted to get to know me more and build off of our friendship and everything which is perfectly fine. A month later he held my hand as we were watching a movie and that was the only time it ever happened...that is up until recently. We hungout one night with some of his friends one was drunk and I was helping take care of his friend because he had fallen asleep (he actually fell asleep on my lap like always). After that we were both awake and everyone else had passed out. Ha thanked me for helping his friend out and we started talking and stuff, then he started making out with me. Ever since that night every time we hangout we end up making out. He also texts me all day everyday. But when I ask him how he feels about everything he says I don't know or its a lot to absorb. Recently I ask him the same question and he said I don't know and then asked how I feel. I told him everything is just hard Because we aren't together and that I do miss having someone around but we're not together. He agreed and he said, we shouldn't let it happen every time we hangout so we don't specifically hangout for that reason . I told him it wasn't like that and he agreed but he said he doesn't want it to somehow end up like that. I don't know what to think of this its just hard because I do like him and I'd never make out with someone if I wasn't with that person first.

When we are together we hold hands when watching movies we ever lay on each other and stuff. I don't know what to think of this anymore...
Sooo confused...should we get together?
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