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Planned a date, she stood me up.. Why?

So I've been dating this girl that I work with for about 1month. We have been out about 5 or 6 times, but it's always been with our children. We both have young daughters, and they get along great. We always have a good time when it's the 4 or us. So the children go to their other parents on the same weekends. So I asked her a few days before at work if she wanted to go out Friday night, just the two of us?. She said that would be great and that she was excited. I told her as soon as I dropped my daughter off at her mothers, I would text her and we could go out. She agreed. Everything seemed good to go. I text her about 30min before letting my daughter off. No answer, I tried again 20mins later, no answer. I was close to her house so I went there to pick her up, and she had left. After about 5 text she finally text me back. Here she went to a bar with "friends". I asked why she stood me up? She said , "i'm sorry, I can't commit to anything right now." What the heck does that mean? I just asked her out for a night. And she made it out to be like she was really into me and that it was a for sure date. I told her it would have been nice to have let me know that she was going to do something else. She said she was "sorry." Anyone have any ideas? Later the next day, she told me that she just wanted to hang out with the kids for right now, that we needed to get to know more about each other first...hummm ok? Two can play the game!
Planned a date, she stood me up.. Why?
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