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Mixed signals or not?

So in Oct. a new dancer shows up where I train that caught my eye but I had a girlfriend at the time so I kept my distance. But she kept trying to talk to me and make small talk. So we did and also danced. And after the first couple of times I got the impression that she was flirting with me just a little. Anyway one time we meat in the locker rooms and she started a conversation and somehow I got her number and I'm guessing that she must have been snooping around my fb profile because she asked something like "so you've got a birthday in a few days". Anyway on my birthday she sent me a text and this was I don't know a few weeks after we meat and only a few times after we talked. Anyway we sort of started texting and chatting and all the time I think that she was flirting with me and responding to my hints. So then I broke up with my girlfriend but not because of her but problems in the relationship and some how at the same time I really started to like this girl and we kept flirting. Anyway she responds to anything I say. Even stupid stuff like I ask her if she wants a ride when her car is 100 feet onward and she goes with me and talks to me for a few minutes. This has happened more than once. I she goes out and we meat in a place we hang out and she says she didn't feel like driving and I ask her what's the big deal and she says that I can pick her up next time. You know provocations.

Anyway someone told me that she had said that she's got a boyfriend but she never shared this info with me even though I've tried to get her to tell me but she dodges the subject very quickly. And there are some other things like when she stands beside me I've put my hand on her forearm or her hips and she didn't respond negatively. And even I've caught her when she sat down and out her feet right against mine for a really long time and then she seems happy when I ask her do go dancing or give her a chocolate or when I give her a nice compliment. But on the other hand sometimes I just get this feeling that I might be misinterpreting the signs.

My opinion is that either she's playing with me to boost her ego witch I have no idea why she would do since there must be better guys than me to do that with. Another is that she might just be too nice and I'm an idiot for making anymore out of it or the one that I somehow find the least viable that she must find something attractive about me and likes my company.

Any thoughts?
Mixed signals or not?
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