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Do you think girls are ultimately to blame for failed relationships?

there are a lot of bitter people nowadays. admittedly myself included. why? you see young women, so outspoken about how "guys suck" and how they can "never find a good man" and even how some girls are just happy to be single.

ultimately though, who's fault is it? girls wouldn't have these bitter feelings if they just knew how to choose a quality "man." not guy, not boy... MAN. most girls would agree too, there is always a guyfriend that likes them a lot and would do anything to be with them, but for whatever reason they just don't feel the same way, and keep falling for immature guys.

who's fault is that though? I blame female's questionable judge of character. in order to find happiness in young relationships you need to find a guy that is beyond the typical level of immaturity in today's young people. a mature guy. this guy is always the friend that you don't like as much, because he doesn't behave like a young, arrogant a-hole that likes to get drunk and party. they may think the guy is boring because of it. young women have to rise to a level of maturity themselves and maybe, just maybe they could find themselves liking their guy friend that secretly loves them.

girls are just as immature as their player boyfriends, just in a radically different way and unless they come to and are able to admit that for themselves and realize that they need to change, they'll keep making the same mistakes time and time again.

there ARE guys out there that are looking for a real relationship, there are guys that want to be with you forever, that won't leave you when you won't give them sex, in fact, they would prefer that you didn't. and he is your guy friend. give him a chance. there's no reason for you not to. you aren't "so close that you're like brother and sister" because he isn't your brother, so stop making that excuse. you won't "ruin the friendship" you'll make it much stronger. you'll likely ruin the friendship if you say no and reject him, or keep pushing them off. just go out with your guy friend! stop looking for teenage or young adult drama and just be with the guy that wants to be with you. it's not hard.

in fact it's probably painfully obvious that he would never ever do anything to let you down, and that's exactly how your partner should be. stop chasing the unpredictable douchebag. its painfully simple. just how I feel.

i've been told I'm a great guy my entire life, but have never had a girlfriend, and its so frustrating. even by girls that I have liked. and I've listened to them complain about how all guys are idiots, only to shrug me off when I try to make the effort to show them what a real relationship is. I'm not like most guys and it's easy to see. it's right in front of them, a guy that has a genuine heart, that always treats girls with respect and tries to keep a conversation going with them and everything. shows real interest in who they are as a person. but time and time again, I'm faced with cold animosity and left ignored.
Do you think girls are ultimately to blame for failed relationships?
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