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Guy shows signs he likes me and then turns mean...help !

There is this hot guy I know from high school and he used to stare at me a lot in the beginning. After that we started talking sometimes and he gave me a box of chocolates one day. I'm a shy girl & I usually take things at a slow pace so, I didn't go over the top in showing him that I liked him. One day, for some unknown reason, he insulted me in front of everyone in school, because of which I argued with him and he apologized. But after that, he stopped showing any signs of interest. He would never answer my emails, my sms' ,neither would he come and talk to me. So after a while I thought hey, what's the point, and I stopped showing him any interest. Now he became very aggressive. He started passing comments at me, he would imitate me, try to create fights. He even went out of the way to put me into trouble. Anyways, I had to leave the school soon because my dad had got a transfer. I ,at least, hoped that on the last day he would be nice, but no, he said to everyone that he will be celebrating because I'm leaving. I really felt bad about this. On the day, I was leaving he sang a sad song, in front of everyone...I don't really get this ! So why was this guy mean to me even though initially he showed signs of liking me ? And why did he turn against me even though I stopped getting in his way ?
Guy shows signs he likes me and then turns mean...help !
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