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Where do I go from here? Is he just scared?

I have liked a boy for about a year or so now.(im 5 years older) Over the last few months there has been eye contact and he even turns around to look at me sometimes. Sometime he will come and talk to me and sometimes he wont. I was pretty certain that he liked me. he's a very shy and reserved person and keeps himself to himself most of the time.t Anyway because I thought there was something there I sent him a message on MSN telling him I liked him and what did he think. He replied sayin that it wasn't that I'm not nice but he has a girlfriend. I pretty sure he has never had a girlfriend before so was he just letting me down? Where do I go from here? Also someone at work asked if he was seeing someone and he said no but he's ver reserved and doesn't talk about that stuff

Where do I go from here? Is he just scared?
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