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I like someone but can't break up with my current boyfriend because of a tricky living arrangement?

This question is about my friend Kevin, whom I've known for a little more than a year. We met through nightlife since we're both DJs.

We have been hanging out more and more recently, particularly partying. A couple of weeks ago at a party, we started dancing, and when we stopped and went upstairs, he reached out and held my hand. I instantly felt butterflies.

After that party, we made mid-week plans to watch movies. When we were lying on his bed and watching a movie, I could tell that he wanted to get closer to me but was shy, so I made the first move. I covered us both with a blanket and cuddled right into him, blaming it on the fact that my feet were cold. As our cuddles got more intimate, he suddenly got up, leaned over me and kissed me. That night we made out (a lot), told one another that we liked each other, talked about everything from relationships to music, and fell asleep in each others' arms.

The day after that, I told my boyfriend that I liked someone else and wanted to break up with him. We didn't break up, but he now knows that I like Kevin. From my point of view (and this my boyfriend doesn't know), I didn't break up with him because I live in his grandparents' basement, and that would make things awkward if we were to break up and, even more so, if I would start dating someone else. It's a long story, but basically I am now with my boyfriend for practical reasons until I find a job and move out on my own.

Last night Kevin and I went clubbing. I told my boyfriend that I was going out, but didn't tell him who I would be with. He gave me permission to go out, and went to bed. Kevin and I had a fantastic night. We had some drinks, which only enhanced our chemistry. We danced pretty much all night, and made out on the dancefloor, not caring about what anyone else thought. When we were standing in line for coatcheck, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, just like a boyfriend would a girlfriend. When we left the club and cabbed back, he held my hand and kissed me until I left the cab.

The only thing that concerns me, aside from my current living arrangement, is that Kevin rarely starts conversations with me. I usually find myself messaging or calling him first, and usually initiate plans. He has, however, made plans with me for future events, which includes a concert at the end of March.

My first question is: if he likes me so much, why doesn't he initiate contact more often? Is he shy? Or is he only in this for potential sex? Although he never ever mentioned the word 'sex', wanting to hook up or anything like that.

My second question is: does he like me enough to wait until I move out and break up with my boyfriend? He has liked me for more than six months, and hasn't had a girlfriend for at least a year, so personally I think he is patient enough to wait. But what do you think?
I like someone but can't break up with my current boyfriend because of a tricky living arrangement?
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