Why do guys ignore girls?

I'm really good friends with this guy I've been crushing on. On Thursday we hung out just two of us and it was really nice, we both had a good time and he was wonderful but then the day after, at school, he had an exam and I asked him how it went, he didn't really speak to me properly and he sat with his guy friends (which is fine) and he came over to say hi to me but I couldn't talk much because I was studying... short while later I left the room because I had to go ... and I didn't say goodbye to him because he was hanging out with his guy friends...but it didn't seem like a big deal to me because I came over afterwards to talk to them... then I had to get back to studying

anyway, later that day I saw him again and asked him how he was doing.. he told me he was feeling kind of sick.. so he stayed at school a bit longer but he didn't talk to me.. he went and sat with one of his friends... so that whole day he wasnt talking to me.. then he left and said bye to me and texted me saying "thank you for letting me borrow ur calculator" which was completely random

then on msn I was talking to him but he was only replying with one word answer... I thought maybe he doesn't want to distract me (cuz I had an exam in the morning) but even after my exam he didn't text to ask how it went and when I got home, he was on msn... he messaged to ask how it went and then said "i'm going to sleep" (at 2:00pm? wth)

so I emailed him a "get well" ecard because he said he was feeling ill..

and he emailed back saying "thank you, I'm feeling much better now" and nothing else.. usually he has more to say...

on msn we take turns messaging each other but I've been the one messaging first and I just think he's ignoring me..

so why would a guy ignore a girl? does he find me annoying all of a sudden?

I don't want to ask him.. I think we're close enough for him to be able to tell me if I did something wrong..



So I texted him (through skype) asking him where he was and if everything was okay... I thought he would call back... NOTHING ... I got worried because that's not like him AT ALL. So I finally called him. He didn't pick up
it was driving me crazy because last time he didn't respond it was because he was in the hospital because of a hockey accident.

ANyway, I called again a few hours later, he picked up. phew! he said he's on a trip. he's been gone all wee
didnt even tell me! =(
he ignored me again. turns out, he ended up liking me and he ignored me because he was jealous I was talking to some next guy too much. thanks y'all


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  • Its ok if he doesn't tell you exactly what he's doing because you're not going out yet. I think just give it time, don't talk to him because if he wnted to talk to you he would. I also think that some of the things you were doing might seriously have made him think you were avoiding him, so this is probably just a misunderstanding.


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  • Ok this is what's going on. There is a group of girls out there that are the opoosite of you. They think that if men overly obssess about women or are to clingy that its a turn off. These girls make men feel like we are stalkers for showing how much we realy love women. And we do love women. Because of this a guy will pull back from agirl as to not scare her off. The mistake we are making is that girls like you love affectionet men. Its the stuck up women who make guys think girls don't like overly affectionet men.

  • "I think were close enough for him to be able to tell me if I did something wrong".

    That's hard to say, I mean your question was long, but it was hard to assume just how close you really are him. You say your good friends but he seems to leave you far too clueless at times to be considered a good friend. Details about what subjects you talk about or often you see him were scarce in your question too.

    Not only that but, so far it seemed you were the one making the effort to see him. Even to message him on msn. And if he was really sick, why didn't he tell you the details? A lousy "I'm feeling sick" is hardly customary for a "good friend".

    I think you need to stop and think for moment about how much you like this guy or even if you do. It sounds likes he's simply a here and there kind of friend. And it is true that if you start questioning now he might find it annoying, but given that your the one contacting him most of the time, it's very much a good idea to do so. No one likes nor should they be wasting their time with someone whose only here and there. Ask him to be more honest with you or if there is anything he'd like to talk about. If he continues to give you a cold shoulder from time to time, then I'd suggest you start looking for new friends or potential mates.

    • I get what you're saying... we usually hang out all day everydayy.. and talk on msn practically every day until recently.... and he's told friends that I'm the only girl he actually talks to..he texts me often and we talk about all sorts of things....

      these days I DO feel like I'm the only one making the effort to see him..

      and about him being sick.. he told me afterwards it might be tonsillitis .. but he didn't say much after that...

      I like him very much and he's always been there until now

    • Well then if you do feel like your the one giving more attention to him, talk to him about it. After all you do deserve it since it seems your there for him very much as well. While it's nice to have a guy who makes more effort or just the same to his significant other, sometimes we all need a little tug or push.

  • I ignore girls because I'm afraid one might like me, and then I'd really be in trouble.

    • Whats so troubling about a girl liking you?

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    • What about if you and the girl have both expressed interest in one another? would you still ignore her? and what would be the reasons to ignore this girl?

    • I'm just acting goofy again. I'm actually engaged to a woman I love very much, though I admit to being baffled on occasion. ; - )

  • Ok well I would say first of all most guys do provide one word answers. Secondly I think guys are scared to smother a girl by texting her day and night and everything that is going on. We are more simple and don't need to keep up on tabs all the time. Some times guys kind of get a little distant without realizing it. Just how we work. But on the other hand if you keep trying to constantly contact him he would feel smothered and want more distance between you two.

  • give him some space and try not to contact him, if you'll ask what's going on with him he'll say nothing wrong. try to back off and see how that goes.

    • Thats what I'm thinking of doing. Thank you!

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  • I doubt he has just all of a sudden thought that you are annoying, it sounds like he has things on his mind-could be anything-study problems,family problems etc. This is making him more quite. Or he could have feelings for you and he is becoming more distant because he isn't sure if you feel the same way back. Or he could just be playing games with you (being hot and cold with you) to make you wander like you are doing. The best thing to do (since you say you're close) is to just explain to him that you feel as if you've done something wrong because he's started to ignore you/become more distant and see what he says.

    • I think I'm going to call him todayy but I'm not sure because we're off from school for a week ... should I just wait out the week to see if things change or should I call him soon?

    • No don't wait, call him sooner so that its not going round in your mind and so you just know once and for all.

  • Why do guys ignore girls cause their assholes...lol

  • sometimes guys are not that with it

    well, just get a guy who is more into what he's doing like he actually plans and schedules things, in the long run, that could be quite annoying.

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