She just ignored my ass!

I never like to lie when I post these, I like honest answers that accurately fit my scenario.

Long story short- Hadn't talked to this girl in a while. She came back from college and is moving. We met 7 years ago and have had a thing for each other on and off. I know for a fact she has always had a changeable personality.

For the past few days we talked on and off. It went from "Hey how have you been" (these being from her) to- "I really want to see you again", to her going out of her way to call me and even change her voice mail because I requested it (Not going to get into that, all innocent though)

So we were talking about hanging out. Usually I call her in the morning, leave a message to say what's up and then she texts me later when I'm at work. I left her a message this morning about wanting to hang out tomorrow and she never responded, I sent her a text 8 hours later to ask if she still wanted to, no answer.

Did I rush in too fast and scare her away? No matter what happens with a girl - Life GOES ON. SO I can't really be too sad, or sad at all just because of this. IF anything, having her in my daily conversation took my "Eyes off the prize" and almost dragged me back into the relationship aspect of thinking instead of just wanting to hang out with a friend.

So I'm not asking - What should I do- Because there is nothing I can do, I'm just asking, what do you think the story is with her?


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  • You can never be too safe with electronics because sometimes they malfunction...or maybe the girl is too busy or something. It happens.


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