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How to handle a guy fresh out of a break up?

There's some core info you need to know first - bear with me and keep reading!

We've known each other for six years, haven't seen each other in three. He had his heart broken bad after being dumped from his girlfriend of a year. Then he msgs me out of the blue, being flirty, sexually suggestive and I pretty much say I'm not gonna be his f*** buddy. Then I drunken message him and say 'I wish we could be f*** buddies but I like and respect you too much'. He responded the next day by saying 'soo that's what you think of me huh' and I said 'no, read the last part of the message'. He said that it wouldn't matter if we were because we never see each other anyway and I said that f*** buddies only work if there is no emotion and you know that I have emotions towards you. And he said 'how do you know if you like me, we haven't spoken in person in three years and you probably wouldn't like me if you got to know me anyway'. And I was like 'yeahh, true, I just think what you want (sex) is not what I want'. And he said 'I just got out of a bad relationship, I don't want anything to do with girls after what she put me through, I don't really want anything'. And then he said 'the drunk message made me consider the whole f*** buddy thing but I didn't think you were like that hence why I asked if you were drunk' and I just said 'yeah, I think it would just make things weird' to which he replied 'but we never see each other so it wouldn't really be weird'

So that was that. And that afternoon, he msgs and asks what I was doing the next day. He asked me to hang out/watch a movie and I clearly stated I wasn't going over to do 'that'. He said he wasn't even thinking that at all. I said I just didn't know why he would want to hang out otherwise and he said 'why not, it's been years. We can snuggle under a doona and watch a movie!'

So I went over. And NOTHING. He didn't try to kiss me, cuddle me or show any form of affection. And he also hasn't messaged me since (it was Tuesday) until I texted today just to say hey and he didn't really seem keen on chatting. I have no F**KING idea what to make of his behavior ?! I know this is such a long-winded post but I am struggling here. Help me out :- /

How to handle a guy fresh out of a break up?
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