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Girlfriend and baby. Should I go for him?

Well I've been liking him for like over a year already. He has a girlfriend who he lives with and a 10 month old baby girl. I know for a fact that he doesn't love his girlfriend anymore he's told many people that he can't stand her anymore and that he's only with her because of the baby.

Around this time last year we were both at a party my cousin told him that I liked him and he said was pretty and asked her some questions about me and even asked her for my number. At that time his girlfriend was out of town and already pregnant. He never contacted me but I know he asked this other guy I hang out with about me.

I would go to certain parties and get togethers just to see him but would never talk we would just have awkward eye contact. I talked to him twice on the phone for literally less than a minute. He was with my friend so he passed the phone to him and we just said hi what are are you doing and that's pretty much it. His girlfriend soon returned and I know this is horrible but I even went to their baby shower just to see him. I know I shouldn't have gone but I couldn't resist. At the baby shower we had awkward eye contact like always and when the guest asked them to kiss he didn't want to kiss her which made me kind of happy.

A couple months later his girlfriend found out by this little 5-6 year old that I had talk to him and that I liked him. The little girl had some how over heard him and my friend talking about it. Well his girlfriend thought that me and him actually had a thing and they got into this huge fight. When I found out that she knew that I liked him and that she thought we had something I felt SO bad! I stopped trying to see him and I avoided any contact with him. We saw each other maybe 2 or 3 times more after that because of a family members party. His girlfriend would not keep her eyes off of us. She would look at me than at him and back and fort.

Recently his girlfriend and baby are out of town again and I saw him at a family party last week. We had eye contact like always and we were alone with my cousin in front of her house just standing there and I felt like he wanted to talk to me but then someone came to the front and he eventually went home.

My cousin wants me to see him tomorrow because her boyfriend and him have the day off tomorrow from work and they want hang out so I can see him, but I'm really scared and don't know if I should go. The plan is that he doesn't know I'm going to be there wherever we go. I don't know how that'll work out. I know its wrong because he has a girlfriend and a baby but I really really like him.

I know a lot of people don't believe in astrology but I do and our zodiac signs are a perfect match Cancer and Pieces. A lot of what I read about his personality is true he is quiet and shy so I don't know how I would even start a conversation with him.

Should I go tomorrow and try to talk to him or should I just avoid going and forget about him? Please help!

BTW I'm 18 he's 21
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Also I have nothing against the baby obviously

I know that he has been wanting to leave her for the longest even before she was pregnant

She told him that if he leaves her she will leave with the baby and he won't ever see her again

I don't want him to lose his baby. He is an excellent father who loves his baby girl so much.
Girlfriend and baby. Should I go for him?
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